Why Twitter is Worse Than Facebook


Posted on : 10-10-2013 | By : Brett | In : Bretticus, Discrimination, General, Humor, Mystery, Paranoia, Social Media

Twitter suspended my account for reasons I cannot fathom … and frankly, it makes me angrier … than it should.


Actually, perhaps I should be angry.  Apparently they can knock you out for no reason because the  ”knocker-outters” may think your political post doesn’t mesh well with their political viewpoints (I rarely make political tweets but what else can this be?). The appeal process is a joke. I’ve read countless complaints on the Internet for persons who, like me, have no clue why their account got knocked out. Who, after weeks have received nothing from twitter. Yes, it’s only been a day for me, but it appears once the Twitter Nazi minions have their evil eye set on you, you’re on thin ice. The problem is that they never seem to have any good reason to knock you out! I think there must be a few guys at Twitter who hate their jobs (or love them?) Anyways, I’m done. Truthfully, it really is a waste of time (unless you’re famous.) I don’t think I’ll even bother making another account. If I get my account back, I may never use it again. Makes no difference to them or me.

Here’s my story…


Twitter Account Suspended

Update: Twitter restored my account 3 days later on October 15th, 2013…

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PHP 5.2 and 5.3 side-by-side on Apache and Ubuntu 10.10


Posted on : 31-10-2010 | By : Brett | In : General, Linux, PHP

Painlessly run version 5.2.x and 5.3.x on the same apache port simultaneously.

Several persons have indicated that they could not get this working per my instructions below. For a more thorough explanation, see Chris Breidert’ s follow-up blog post. Allthough, I’m almost certain now that the difference is using SetHandler. SetHandler is needed in most cases because it overrides previous handler settings. I have updated my examples accordingly.

I’d just upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10 on my PC. However, the default PHP package was version 5.3.x and I needed 5.2.x. Some projects needed the newest version, others would be crippled by it. While looking for a way to have two versions of PHP running simultaneously on Ubuntu 10.10, I struck success.

In this post, I’ll explain step-by-step how you too can  build a development platform where you can work on PHP 5.2.x and 5.3.x projects simultaneously–without ever having to restart Apache. Read the rest of this entry »

CodeIgniter Form Validation: How to allow inline and config rules simultaneously


Posted on : 13-09-2010 | By : Brett | In : CodeIgniter, PHP, Programming, Technology

CodeIgniter Form Validation

Continually using the CodeIgniter MVC Framework has allowed me to experience many of it’s numerous “pros.” However, some times, I also hit a snag with one or more of it’s infrequent ”cons.”  Truthfully, it’s put together overwhelmingly well (and much credit is due to the Ellis Labs crew for helping to make a PHP developer’s life a little easier.) Unfortunately, some libraries just do not work the way one (okay, me!) would expect them to work. Perhaps they are just a bit too inflexible for me. For example, I’ve never been a huge fan of CodeIgniter’s Form Validation library, and now I have yet another reason to scorn it somewhat. Admittedly, I’m probably being a bit too severe on this one. However, I feel annoyed in situations where lack of proper documentation costs me precious time (I say this in light of CodeIgniter’s, otherwise, excellent documentation.) Luckily, my perceived notion of how CodeIgniter’s  Form Validation Library should work can be accomplished, once again, with the kind of simple modification that keeps me coming back to CodeIgniter time and again. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting the GET back in CodeIgniter!


Posted on : 24-08-2010 | By : Brett | In : CodeIgniter, PHP, Programming

Ever wonder why you can’t use query strings with CodeIgniter? This post will explain to some degree, but more importantly, show you how to parse query strings and how to get the GET back in CodeIgniter!

I’ve been using CodeIgniter for a couple years now. It’s small, it’s simple, it’s powerful. Admittedly, it’s not perfect (what framework is?) but it’s a wonderful way to slap together a website using MVC design principles and PHP. I do have one big complaint, however.

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Google Analytics Hook for CodeIgniter


Posted on : 09-08-2010 | By : Brett | In : CodeIgniter, PHP, Programming

So, you finished that CodeIgniter Website last month. It was a tedious project and you’re glad it’s over! But wait! Now, your client informs you that you’re missing all the tracking code! The client also mentions he wants to use the popular, free Analytics tools from Google. This is gonna require inserting some javascript into all of your Web pages. Not a problem if you used a global footer in your views. A potentially huge pain otherwise. Either way, if you’re looking for a very simple way to globally implement Analytics code in your application, CodeIgniter hooks can make your life much easier. I’m going to show you how to take advantage of the ‘display_override’ hook point in CodeIgniter to get the job done fast! Read the rest of this entry »

How to install PHP Zip Extension for MAMP 1.9


Posted on : 12-07-2010 | By : Brett | In : Mac, PHP


Lately, when attempting to install extensions for MAMP, I’ve had a difficult time making my extensions work properly because my Darwin ports settings seem to override. Fortunately, I recently found a blog post with instructions that worked. There are a few steps that are different, however, for getting this to work with version 1.9. Therefore, I decided to post the original instructions with those modifications here. Read the rest of this entry »

Zenoss: IT Monitoring for the overworked


Posted on : 24-06-2010 | By : Brett | In : Linux, Technology

zenoss network monitoringI’ve been with my current company for 10+ years (at the time of writing.) It’s been a roller-coaster ride with ownership changing hands several times. But I’ve managed to hang on and I’m still riding even after the most recent change in drivers. Unfortunately, many have fallen out over the years and that leaves me to do two jobs: Web programmer and IT Administrator. Finding time to do both jobs well can be a problem to say the least. Read the rest of this entry »

Form Validation Class using PHP 5.3


Posted on : 18-06-2010 | By : Brett | In : PHP, Programming

Currently, I am working on a minimal MVC framework for a somewhat ambitious project. I chose to host this website using the latest and greatest: PHP-FPM on nginx running PHP 5.3. After realizing that I needed a form validation library, I came up with one that is fairly easy to use and somewhat extensible. This is the first time I have been able to use Closures in PHP code so maybe I am just a little bit geeky-giddy.

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Debugging PHP on a Mac with XDebug, Firefox and Netbeans


Posted on : 07-11-2009 | By : Brett | In : CodeIgniter, Mac, Netbeans, PHP, Programming

After nearly two months of using OS X, I think I have finally found my groove when it comes to doing my job. That is, writing code for websites, mainly in PHP.

For many years prior to using a Mac for PHP development, I had been using Windows or Linux and Zend Studio 5.x. When I was looking several months back for the Mac version download for my Zend Studio license, I was presented, instead, with a free upgrade to version 6. Wow, that was nice Zend! Unfortunately, the version I paid for (the “perpetual” license) was no longer there to download.

UPDATE: As of my last login to Zend, the 5.5.1 download was available. I installed and everything worked well. Still using Netbeans but appreciated all the same.

But hey! I got the brand-new version. That’s great right? Wrong! Zend decided to drink the Eclipse Kool Aid and completely changed an IDE that I had grown accustomed to (I guess it’s only fair to point out that Zend Studio 5.x was so old at this point that it was getting increasingly more difficult to install on more modern operating systems and newer java platforms.) In spite of the seemingly “over-bloat” of Zend Studio 6.0, I decided to give it a try. I must say that everything just felt wrong. Now I’m sure there are many PHP developers out there that have been using Eclipse for years and can’t live without it, but I just couldn’t seem to make it work my voodoo. I didn’t have the patience to get my Eclipse PHD, so I went looking elsewhere. That led me to a surprising alternative: Netbeans. Although very similar to Eclipse, an IDE with modules/plug-ins for multiple computer language support, Netbeans (entirely free) impressed me right on the spot. I know Zend Studio has all the same features more or less, but the way Netbeans is put together just seemed more natural to me (things I wanted to do actually worked.) Let it suffice to say that I have been using Netbeans since then and I haven’t looked back!

In this post, we will discover how to go about debugging a specific page in your website through setting up debugging in your MAMP stack, the free Netbeans IDE and your Firefox browser.

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I’m a “Mapple” Person!


Posted on : 27-08-2009 | By : Brett | In : Bretticus, Humor, Mac, Technology

I made the Switch

I’ve jumped in! I’ve slipped on the proverbial black turtleneck. Yes, I’m a switcher!

About a month ago I decided that my large, hot lead-brick-of-a-laptop, otherwise known as my HP Pavilion ZD8000, was getting a bit “long in the tooth.” On a hot July day, in my air-conditioned home office, it decided to to test my patience by overheating and shutting off without warning in approximately 10 minute intervals. My only thought, “Time to ship this sucker away!” Fortunately, my “brick” belonged to my employer. So, I asked for a new laptop; and I asked for a MacBook Pro!

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