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Posted on : 12-08-2006 | By : Brett | In : Programming, Technology

After 4 years I still haven’t done anything but deploy an open source Rails app. I would still like to immerse myself in a big project that forces me to learn Ruby and Rails (Right after Python and DJango. Although lately I’m thinking perhaps Ruby is a better language for me than Python.) It’s also pretty obvious I knew nothing about Rails back in 2006. :)

Being the PHP aficionado I am, I tend sometimes to stay in my little PHP bubble (ASP made me distrust & dispise the Web scripting world.) Every now and then I come out and see something that is a breath of fresh air.

Ruby on Rails (or ROR) is yet another framework for Web applications. It’s not kludgy like Java and .NET though. What I mean (or meant) is that the learning curve is moderate as opposed to being quite daunting to plunge into like other frameworks for Web.

Ruby is a relatively new language on the block, but is gaining popularity in the development world for its simple and clean syntax and portability.

Ruby on Rails is easy to setup on windows so you can play with it yourself before committing to turn it up on your live site. O’Reilly has an excellent tutorial to get you up and running with a web editable database in minutes!

I certainly plan on giving it a whirl within the next few months.


This is one frickin sweet website dude.

I have yet to follow up on ROR. I played with it one day and later found I have NO TIME apparently to do more research. On a side note, I do know the labs department of the company I work for is using ROR to “tack up” concept Websites quickly. The developers then do the real work in java. :) Also, ROR had (has?) a major security flaw. It was dealt with quickly (howbeit…strangely.) All in all, I still need to play with ROR to see if I could ever consider using it in a production environment (I’ll stick with tried-and-true PHP for now…yes, yes…I know PHP has had a security issue or two in its time as well.)

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